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Applying from Overseas

Applying From Overseas

The Royal Veterinary College is an international organisation in which to work and study. The presence of international staff and students at RVC enriches the experience of all of our community.

The College has a legal responsibility to ensure that all employees are eligible to live and work in the UK. If you are an overseas national from outside the European Economic Area and currently do not have permission to work in the UK (through a UK work visa or other permission) please note that you would need to apply and obtain a visa to work in the UK. All applicants have to bring to an interview original documents which confirm this eligibility and which will be checked and copied. All offers of employment will be subject to this verification of eligibility to work in the UK.
For some job vacancies (those requiring specialist skills and qualifications or in shortage occupations) the College may be able to sponsor a suitably qualified candidate as part of the process of obtaining a visa from UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI). However, for jobs that do not fall into these categories, and therefore the majority of the College’s vacancies that are not either academic or requiring highly specialist skills, it is unlikely that the UKVI would grant permission to work in the UK.
You can check whether you would be need a visa by visiting:
If you have any queries regarding your entitlement to apply for one of our job vacancies please e-mail